Welcome to The Phone Man of OC’s New Website Design!

By Admin Web On October 30th, 2017

Hello, readers! This is The Phone Man of OC here, excited for the new launch of our website. Thank you for joining me today.

The team and I have been providing expert Telephone, Cabling, and VOIP service & support to the greater Orange County region since 1984. With our new website and expanded web presence, we hope to expand our reach and service more wonderful customers (like you!).

If you are new to our company and the services we provide, here is a simple breakdown.

Who we are

The company was founded by my father, David Stouffer. He was a seasoned telecommunication director for a major firm in the 1980s. After seeing the lack of major telecommunication providers in the Orange County area in which we lived, my father quit his job and started The Phone Man.

The Phone Man of OC offers telephone and internet sales, support, and installation to over 30 cities in Orange County.

The company’s mission is simple: Striving to have the best telephone systems and support possible, period. This rings true today as myself, Karl Stouffer, takes on the same dedication to customer satisfaction and quality.

Telephone and internet systems

We sell, service, and install telephone and internet systems of all shapes and sizes for small-to-medium sized businesses. Facilitating the highest quality systems is our goal. Customers can take advantage of our expert services without the hassle. Some of the benefits include:

  • experienced, friendly techs
  • variety of systems available
  • VoIP, analog, and digital systems avail
  • 24/7 emergency support

Cabling services

In addition to selecting the right telephone system, we handle all of the wirings. Many overlook the importance of having efficiency inner wiring. The benefits of our wiring services include:

  • Cat 3, 5e, 6 and Coax cabling offered
  • terminations and setup
  • clean, professional wiring without sloppy cable runs
  • highest quality cables (labeled and tested)
  • warranty on labor and materials

Receive a free estimate here.

Installation services

After we assist in helping you select the right products, our installation services will ensure it is setup correctly, and to last. If you have any questions, please give us a call today at (714) 278-9700. We look forward to hearing from you!